Night-Time Skin Care Routine


I’ve always believed that I had an ordinary skin type. All through my teenage years I never considered myself to have oily skin or dry skin (I had bad acne at one point in my life but I put a stop to that before it got any worse than it needed to be). However, recently (within the last year or so) my skin has changed. I now categorize myself as having dehydrated/dry/very dry skin. I feel like I have tried every moisturiser under the sun to get my desired soft and supple skin back but nothing seemed to help my, fast becoming problematic, skin. The dryness is mainly in areas under my eyes and on my nose. After trial and error of most of the products in the Boots skin care section, I finally feel like I have something that works (well for the time being anyway!) So without further ado, here is my night-time skin routine.  Continue reading


Top 5 High End Foundations


Today I’d like to share with you my personal top 5 high-end foundations. I’ve tried a lot of foundations, high street and high-end, as I love a good base so am always eager to try to find the next best thing. Out of all the ones from the high-end of the market, these are my top 5 that I don’t think I could live without. These are in no particular order, because I love them all the same. Continue reading

New Purchase! – Makeup Revolution


Recently I uploaded a post one a new eyeshadow palette that I had purchsed (If you’d like to read that, click here). For those of you who have read that post, you’ll know I was wowed away by it. As per usual, when you buy something that you begin to love, you return, to buy more, and more, whatever it be, soap, food etc. So that’s what I found myself doing yesterday. I found myself in Superdrug, at the Makeup Revolution stand, grabbing everything! I had so much in my hands (although by this point it wasn’t just my hands, trying to grasp things under my arms and such) that I couldn’t have possibly selected anything more if I tried. After a moment or two, and the lady who worked there asking if I was OK, I decided to eliminate some of the stuff I’d picked up, and limited myself to buying only 4 products. If you want to know what my selections were, then read on! Continue reading

Disney Princess Inspired Eye Makeup Looks Series – 2) Cinderella


I suppose it would only be right to carry this series on with the next Disney Princess that was created after Snow White, Cinderella. I think Cinderella had to be one of my favourite movies as a little girl, I absolutely loved it. So let’s crack on with this makeup look… Continue reading

Let’s Talk – Perfect Eyebrows & Eyebrow Trends!

Since well before the 1920’s there has been so many different trends, and makeup is no exception. Today I want to talk to you about eyebrows. The trends that have been, the trends that are now, and what’s actually going to work best for you. Of course, everyone’s face is their own, and this is by no means gospel. A girl should do with her eyebrows what she wishes, what she likes and feels comfortable with. We constantly hear that eyebrows frame the face, complete the makeup, (complete life) and I do agree that a good set of brows really can make all the difference. So if you are finding yourself stuck in a rut regarding your brows, then maybe this post can give you some tips. Continue reading

Disney Princess Inspired Eye Makeup Looks Series – 1) Snow White

400Who doesn’t love Disney Princesses? I thought it would be great fun to start a series of inspired eye makeup looks based upon the models of my (and many other girls/boys) childhood. I may even include a few of the newer additions to the thrones of the Disney Princess family. I’m not saying these looks are going to be wearable for everyday occasions (although I’ll try my hardest to keep them to a wearable scale), but makeup is supposed to be creative and fun. So I thought about what I could do to create eye makeup looks based on something that everyone will know, love, and be able to relate to. So without further ado, lets begin… Continue reading

New Purchase & First Impression! Makeup Revolution ‘Flawless Matte’ Eyeshadow Palette


My newest addition to my makeup collection (and because I really needed another eyeshadow palette) is this Makeup Revolution ‘Flawless Matte’ Eyeshadow palette.

Allow me to set the scene… Continue reading