Let’s Talk – Perfect Eyebrows & Eyebrow Trends!

Since well before the 1920’s there has been so many different trends, and makeup is no exception. Today I want to talk to you about eyebrows. The trends that have been, the trends that are now, and what’s actually going to work best for you. Of course, everyone’s face is their own, and this is by no means gospel. A girl should do with her eyebrows what she wishes, what she likes and feels comfortable with. We constantly hear that eyebrows frame the face, complete the makeup, (complete life) and I do agree that a good set of brows really can make all the difference. So if you are finding yourself stuck in a rut regarding your brows, then maybe this post can give you some tips.

Trends of the Eyebrow

1920’s: The 1920’s saw the brows being worn with a ‘cupids bow’ type shape to them. They were all one thickness from inner to outer (and this ‘thickness’ I speak of was not very thick at all). The brows of this era were pencil thin and the tail of the brow often extended and sloped down towards the temple quite dramatically, thus creating that ‘bow’ like shape.


1950’s: This era saw a rather different shape of eyebrow compared to 20’s, and the decades shortly after. Brows were fast leaving the rounded-ness behind and taking on a new arched lifestyle. The brows were heavier, fuller, thicker, than the previous era’s and remained relatively the same thickness from start to finish, except for the very tail of the eyebrow which did get slightly thinner. This eyebrow shape adopted rather pointy, angled arches, shorter tails and were often amplified using matte eyeshadow.


1980’s: The 1980’s eyebrow trend was polar opposites to what we’ve just seen in the last two eras discussed. These eyebrows were large and in charge. A full set of eyebrows came on the scene, and often the hairs were brushed upwards for a more exaggerated brow. Arches were a thing of the past as most eyebrows were left untweezed and untamed, allowing regrowth to fill in dramatic angles of eyebrows before.


2010’s: The most recent trend that has swept the nation takes aspects of the 50’s and 80’s brow shapes. It seems that sporting a fuller brow (although not as full as the 80’s), groomed into a ‘natural’ shape is the new trend. This ‘natural’ shape is not too far off the arches of the 50’s, but they are lot less angular, taking a more subtle approach.


 So now that we have covered the trends that media deem an acceptable way of wearing your eyebrows, let’s have a look at what eyebrow shapes there are, and what works best for certain face shapes etc. Please remember that your eyebrows belong to you and you should just style them in a way that you like. Hopefully the following information will give you some tips if you are just starting out with eyebrow shaping, or are looking for something new and wondering what will suit you. You can hopefully use this, and adapt it to suit your needs.

So lets strip this right back to the basics and look at complimentary eyebrow shapes to face shapes. There are 6 typical face shapes that most can identify themselves with, and there are accompanying eyebrow shapes to help enhance the features of each shape. This is a great starting point for eyebrows as you can take it and make it into your own thing.


This face shape obtains an ever so slight tapering of the chin, and a slightly wider forehead. Here the cheekbones will be the prominent feature. This face shape is widely considered as the ideal. The brows here want to be shaped as soft angles, as the face shape doesn’t need features brought out, or set back.


This face shape favours a slight taper towards the chin, and appears elongated from here to the forehead. In some cases the chin can be quite prominent. Here the eyebrows are best shapes as a flat, horizontal line. This takes emphasis off the length of the face as the straight lines help it to appear shorter.


This face shape will be almost the same in length and width, with the widest part of the face being the cheeks. High arches are good for the round face shape and is creates attention up and down the face, making it appear longer. The more vertical you can get your brows, the more balanced the roundness will appear.


The forehead, cheekbones and jaw line, of this face shape, will all almost be the same width. The square jaw line is normally the most prominent feature with this face shape. Start with a curved brow, and depending on the jaw line, depends on how curved you need to make it (the stronger the jaw line, the curvier the brow). This will balance out the face and make the brows appear stronger as opposed to the facial angles.


This shaped face has a strong tapering of the chin, it may even be point, and can also have a prominently wide forehead. The shape that works best here is curved with low arches, and then building up those arches if the forehead is prominent. This will add the appearance of length to the forehead and balance out the tapered chin at the same time.


This face shape is less common that the others. The widest part of the face is at the temples, and the angles of the face are high. Use curved eyebrows, with low arches. as the curve will make the angles of the face appear much softer. This shape eyebrow will also help to lessen the look of the widest part of the face.
















Now you’ve got your shape correct, and your eyebrows are just as you like them, do you have to fill them in? No, you don’t have to, but if you wish to then here are some great products I have used and recommend. There are so many eyebrow products out there, and I have been fortunate enough to find some that I love fairly early on.

I prefer to use an eyebrow powder for my everyday brows. A powder provides an instantly more natural look when filling in the brows, as it is a soft, easily blendable product. My favourite is the Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit. I get this is the shade 02, Brunette & Brown. It is such a good value for money product, costing only £10. This lasts me absolutely ages, as you really don’t need to apply much product. It wears beautifully throughout the day, and stays in place.


The next two products I’m going to talk about together, as they are essentially the same thing, just one has a higher price tag. When I want a strong heavier looking brow, I prefer to use an eyebrow pencil. I’ve tried a few eyebrow pencils and have felt that they are all too soft and creamy to do the job I want. Anastasia Brow Wiz and Soap & Glory Brow Archery, are my two favourite eye pencils to use. The texture of these pencils are much harder and therefore apply better. The staying power of these pencils is just mind blowing. Anastasia Brow Wiz is £15.50 from Cult Beauty, I get the shade Soft Brown. Soap & Glory is significantly cheaper at £8, and I buy the shade Hot Chocolate.

ana006_anastasia_browwiz_sizedproduct_800x960 archery_image_web

I hope you enjoyed this eyebrow post, and that it gave you some useful information, as well as helpful hints for the best use of eyebrow shaping based upon face shapes. Eyebrows are my favourite part of the face! Let me know what you like to do with your eyebrows, and what works for you in the comments!

Type to you soon,


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