Top Trump or Slippery Slump? Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review!


I love a good foundation. In my opinion, if the base is right then everything else will just fall into place. Foundation is a massive part of my makeup regime so I need to be confident that the product I’m using is going to live up to all my expectations of a good foundation, and not let me down. I’ve had Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation as part of my personal collection for quite a while now, so I think its high time I gave it a review.

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The Palette Awards! (The Perfect Palette Tag)

Who doesn’t love a good palette? I think it’s time to confess to you all that I am totally obsessed with palettes (I think a more suitable term would be ‘addiction’). Eyeshadow palettes more than anything, but just the things in general. I love the packaging, the layout, the mirror, the colours, the names (oh the names!) of eyeshadows. I would so love to be the person that gets to design palettes, I think that would be such a fun and cool job! So as I have so many palettes in my makeup collection, I decided it’d be fun to put myself through the pain and torture of narrowing them all down to award one palette for each category in The Palette Awards …

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My Makeup Wishlist

I have a lot of makeup products, more than the average person (or any person) could ever need! Enough to last a lifetime,, yet I still want to buy more. I love makeup and trying new products is a no brainer for me. I am constantly on the internet looking at what’s new on the beauty market and where I can get it. Living in the UK means that some of the products I want to try are harder to get my hands on (and will probably forever hold a place on my wishlist). So if you wish to see some of the products I am dying to get my hands on, then keep reading…

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