Disney Princess Inspired Eye Makeup Looks Series – 2) Cinderella


I suppose it would only be right to carry this series on with the next Disney Princess that was created after Snow White, Cinderella. I think Cinderella had to be one of my favourite movies as a little girl, I absolutely loved it. So let’s crack on with this makeup look… Continue reading


Disney Princess Inspired Eye Makeup Looks Series – 1) Snow White

400Who doesn’t love Disney Princesses? I thought it would be great fun to start a series of inspired eye makeup looks based upon the models of my (and many other girls/boys) childhood. I may even include a few of the newer additions to the thrones of the Disney Princess family. I’m not saying these looks are going to be wearable for everyday occasions (although I’ll try my hardest to keep them to a wearable scale), but makeup is supposed to be creative and fun. So I thought about what I could do to create eye makeup looks based on something that everyone will know, love, and be able to relate to. So without further ado, lets begin… Continue reading

Top Trump or Slippery Slump? Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review!


I love a good foundation. In my opinion, if the base is right then everything else will just fall into place. Foundation is a massive part of my makeup regime so I need to be confident that the product I’m using is going to live up to all my expectations of a good foundation, and not let me down. I’ve had Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation as part of my personal collection for quite a while now, so I think its high time I gave it a review.

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The Palette Awards! (The Perfect Palette Tag)

Who doesn’t love a good palette? I think it’s time to confess to you all that I am totally obsessed with palettes (I think a more suitable term would be ‘addiction’). Eyeshadow palettes more than anything, but just the things in general. I love the packaging, the layout, the mirror, the colours, the names (oh the names!) of eyeshadows. I would so love to be the person that gets to design palettes, I think that would be such a fun and cool job! So as I have so many palettes in my makeup collection, I decided it’d be fun to put myself through the pain and torture of narrowing them all down to award one palette for each category in The Palette Awards …

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